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Hi! Thanks for visit my website where you can buy rap beats. You have 3 licenses for each beat: Lease, Premium and Exclusive.

If you want to have the beat without antitag voice and to earn money (selling finished song in your website, Spotify, iTunes, monetizing song on Youtube, selling your mixtape/CD or any other commercial use) you need to purchase one of these licenses. For everybody who don’t know how each license work:

The cheapest license, you will receive beat without tags in mp3 (320 kbps) format. This kind of license can be sold to unlimited people, so you can buy lease license of beat called “X” and your friend will can buy too the same beat license. Therefore, there aren’t exclusivity in this kind of license.

It is same of lease but you will receive trackout beat (each instrument in one .WAV track). There aren’t exclusivity neither.

Only can be sold to one person. You will receive trackout beat in WAV format. For buy exclusive beats you have to contact me by e-mail. We will negociate final price and you will have full rights over the beat.

This is a summary of three kinds of license, if you want to see entire information click here. It’s important to explain that when you buy any beat you are accepting all terms.

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